Pvt. John Sanford King – Company A “Madison Greys”

Company A 16th Georgia Infantry

Company A 16th Georgia Infantry

Born February 28, 1846 in what is now Taliaferro County, Georgia, John Sanford King was the oldest child of John and Nancy Elizabeth Sanford King. He enlisted as a Private into Company A “Madison Greys” on July 11, 1861.

He was admitted to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, Virginia on May 18, 1862 with diarrhea. He returned to duty on June 12, 1862 and was killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia on May 3, 1863.

Pvt. Wilson Carrington – Company A “Madison Greys”

Wilson Carrington Co A

Born in Madison County Georgia in 1843. On July 11, 1861, he and his brother, Willis Carrington, enlisted in Company A “Madison Greys” at Madison County, GA. Wilson was killed at the Battle of Crampton’s Gap near Burkittsville, MD on September 14, 1862. Willis died of disease near Suffolk, Va earlier in 1862.

Wilson’s place of burial is unknown, but the remains of many Confederate soldiers who were killed at Crampton’s Gap and Sharpsburg and those who died later in hospitals, were removed to Washington Confederate Cemetery in Hagerstown, MD. I’d like to hope that he too has found a final resting place there.

Washington Confed Cem