The Companies and the Captains

Company A – organized in Madison County, GA; also known as “Madison Greys” and “Madison County Greys.”

James S. Gholston was elected Captain effective July 11, 1861. He was elected Major February 21, 1862; promoted to Lieutenant Colonel August 16, 1864; retired to invalid corps Aug 24, 1864. He was captured and paroled at Athens, GA May 8, 1865. He died March 14, 1892 and is buried in Shelby County, TX.

Company B – organized in Jackson County, GA; also known as “Center Hill Guards.” The men were recruited by Abner Monroe Reynolds. Reynolds was the Master of the local Masonic Lodge and the whole lodge joined the army one night and went off to war. Reynolds was elected Captain July 17, 1861 and Henry Hosch, a 50 year old farmer, became his Lieutenant.

Abner Maddison Monroe Reynolds Cleaned upCaptain Abner Monroe Reynolds

Reynolds would command Company B until Sept 14, 1862 when he was killed at Cramptons Gap (South Mountain) near Burkittsville, Md. He was succeeded by Capt John M. Venable.

Company C – organized in Hart County, GA; also known as “Hartwell Infantry.”

John Hamilton Skelton was elected Captain July 13, 1861. He was elected Major October 1, 1863; captured at Guard Hill, Front Royal, Va. Aug. 20, 1864; released from Fort Delaware prison July 24, 1865. He would return to Georgia, and on March 26, 1867 marry Mary Lavinia Richardson in Hart County, Georgia. Together, the couple would have at least ten children. He died Sept 21, 1893 and is buried in Hart County, GA.

Company D – organized at Madison County, GA; also known as “Danielsville Guards.”

John Newton Montgomery was elected Captain August 5, 1861. He was captured at Gettysburg July 2, 1863. He would remain imprisoned until his release at Cox’s Wharf, James River, Va., March 22, 1865. After his release, Montgomery would return to his wife and family in Georgia. He died April 14, 1887 and was buried in Ila, Madison County, GA.

Company E – organized at Habersham County, GA; also known as “Cobb Infantry.”

Benjamin Edward Stiles was elected Captain July 24, 1861. He was elected Major May 18, 1863 and Lieutenant Colonel November 29, 1863. He was killed in action at the Battle of Guard Hill near Front Royal, VA August 16, 1864. A marker for Stiles is located in the Stonewall Confederate Cemetery, Winchester, VA.

LTC Benjamin Edward Stiles

Company F – organized at Walton County, GA; also known as “Joe Brown Rough and Ready” and “McRae’s Rough and Ready.

John Henry Duncan McRae elected Captain July 19, 1861. Promoted to Colonel of the Regiment in 1864; captured at Saylor’s Creek, VA on April 6, 1865 and imprisoned at Johnson’s Island Ohio until his release June 19, 1865.

J H D McRae Captain John Henry Duncan McRae

After the war, JHD McRae was a Methodist minister. He died Nov 5, 1911 and is buried in Jacksonville, Duval County, FL.

Company G – organized in Jackson County, GA; also known as “Oconee Vols” and “Jackson Rifles.”

Augustus Columbus Thompson was elected Captain July 20, 1861. He was wounded at Crampton’s Gap, MD (near Burkittsville) Sept. 14, 1862. He resigned as a result of his wounds effective August 1, 1863; approved Sept. 9, 1863. He was succeeded by Thomas LaFayette Ross.

Augustus Columbus ThompsonCaptain A C Thompson

On September 14, 1862, Thompson was shot through the left hip during the Battle of Crampton’s Gap. The ball was cut out of his left groin. Thompson was “discharged at Crampton’s Gap, Maryland and went home to recover.” Source: Confederate Widows Pension Application. Application number A12385.

Between 1880 and 1881 the family  moved to Lakeland, Polk County, Florida. On February 1, 1882, A. C. Thompson was employed to take charge of Polk County’s first poor farm. He died Aug 9, 1905 and is buried in Polk County, FL.

Company H – organized at Gwinnett County, GA. Also known as “Flint Hill Greys.”

Moses Richardson was elected Captain August 11, 1861. He resigned September 3, 1861 due to illness. He was succeeded by J M Liddell. Richardson would later receive a medical appointment and serve as a surgeon for the Confederacy for the rest of the war. He returned to Georgia and resumed his medical practice. He died March 15, 1905 and is buried in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Company I – organized at Gwinnett County, GA. Also known as “Hutchins Guards.”

Nathaniel Louis Hutchins, Jr. elected Captain March 6, 1861. The Company was uniformed and equipped by his father, the elder Judge Hutchins. Captain Hutchins was elected Lieutenant Colonel of the 3rd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters on April 1863 (upon the formation of the Sharpshooter Regiment.) Succeeded by William E Simmons as Captain; Simmons would also transfer to the Sharpshooter Regiment as a Captain June 8, 1863. Hutchins was Captured at Saylor’s Creek, VA on April 6, 1865. He was imprisoned at Johnson’s Island, Ohio until his release July 25, 1865.

Nathan Louis Hutchins, IICaptain Nathaniel Louis Hutchins

Hutchins returned to Georgia where he resumed the practice of law and married Carrie Orr in 1866. Together they reared a number of children. He was elected to the general assembly and, in 1882, became a Judge. He died June 8, 1905 and is buried in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, GA.

Company K – organized at Columbia County GA; also known as “Ramsey Vols.

Robert Joshua Boyd was elected Captain July 25, 1861.  Captain Robert J Boyd was killed at Malvern Hill, VA on July 1, 1862. According to a letter from the officers and men of Company K, he was killed “while gallantly leading his company in the charge of the first instant (July 1, 1862), and encouraging them by his noble and fearless example.” He was succeeded by R. A. Lansdell July 28, 1861.