Pvt. John Sanford King – Company A “Madison Greys”

Company A 16th Georgia Infantry

Company A 16th Georgia Infantry

Born February 28, 1846 in what is now Taliaferro County, Georgia, John Sanford King was the oldest child of John and Nancy Elizabeth Sanford King. He enlisted as a Private into Company A “Madison Greys” on July 11, 1861.

He was admitted to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, Virginia on May 18, 1862 with diarrhea. He returned to duty on June 12, 1862 and was killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia on May 3, 1863.

2 thoughts on “Pvt. John Sanford King – Company A “Madison Greys”

    • Hi Missy Thank you for your post. John Sanford King died as a result of wounds received at the battle of Chancellorsville, near Fredericksburg VA. In the first report [“Southern Confederacy” (Atlanta, GA), May 18, 1863, page 1.] he was listed as having received what was termed a “serious” wound in the shoulder. By the second report, [Southern Banner (Athens, GA), May 27, 1863, page 2.] he was reported among the killed. This indicates to me that he was seriously wounded, removed from the field, and treated at a Confederate field hospital. Public buildings, churches, farms, houses etc were converted to hospital use and the dead would have been buried nearby where they had been treated. He is not listed as among those buried in the Confederate cemetery at Fredericksburg nor is he among those listed as removed to the Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery. Unfortunately, unless some records from the various hospitals operating around Chancellorsville and vicinity after the battle are discovered, his burial location may continue to be a mystery.


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